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Choose the country you want to explore to see the variety of experiences available to you. Unique, traditional or luxurious, gastronomic or more sporting experiences, discover famous or more confidential archaeological sites ...

Thanks to the support of our local experts, you will design your getaways according to your desires. If you prefer, you can discover our proposals according to the category of experiences.

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Peru is the heart of Andean culture. Since the Incas made Cusco their capital, their heritage continues to inspire dreams. Going to conquer Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountain or Titicaca is an incredible sensation. The country is in fact very diverse.


Lima, its capital, is undergoing a cultural and gastronomic renaissance. The ancestors of the Incas left fascinating cultures in the heart of the deserts of the north coast or the cloud forest. Beaches and surfing are also a good reason to escape for the sunny far north all year round. Trekkers will opt for the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca and its turquoise altitude lakes. Finally the bewitching Amazon. Under a thick forest which resonates with the cries of birds, we move by boat and stay in lodges as close as possible to the fauna and flora.


There is a Peru for every traveler, find out which is yours.


This small country is just as diverse as its neighbors and has no shortage of arguments. Quito has kept its colonial charm and its cobbled streets while enjoying a gentle altitude. The volcanoes and traditional Andean landscapes are scattered along the Andes, rich in a proudly preserved indigenous culture. Without forgetting the pearl of Ecuador, the Galapagos national park where you can meet iguanas, turtles or small sharks during unique snorkelling sessions in the heart of a protected reserve.


Ecuador has an exceptional natural wealth, try the adventure.


Cuba is a Caribbean island with a history that resonates with all of us. There are spectacular sandy beaches and tobacco fields for the production of the legendary cigars.


The capital, Havana, is rich in houses with pastel facades, cars from the 1950s and 16th century Hispano-colonial architecture in Old Havana.

You can listen to salsa in dance clubs and attend cabaret shows at the famous Tropicana.


Colombia combines dream landscapes with a festive atmosphere and a sense of hospitality that will give you a smile barely arriving. Colombians turn you into king and queen with a flick of a magic wand. All you have to do is enjoy the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean coast, discover the hilly landscapes, smell the smell of freshly roasted coffee, and lose yourself happily in the colorful streets of Cartagena, a colonial gem. Adventurers will set out to conquer the Lost City hidden deep in the jungle.


Colombia offers mixed flavors, taste them.

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Chile is the destination par excellence for trekkers in search of unique high altitude landscapes in the world with inspiring names like El Paine National Park or Tierra del Fuego. But there is also an arid desert in the north with starry nights, canyons and geysers, vineyards in the center of the country in a green landscape, culture and street art for urban travelers between Santiago and Valparaiso. And even forests and lakes in the Los Lagos region. Without forgetting the mysterious totems of Easter Island.


A wind of adventure blows over Chile, explore it.


Bolivia offers virgin landscapes, sculpted by the wind. On the highlands or in the heart of a salt desert, you will feel alone in the world. Disconnect on a 4x4 adventure in the heart of these unique landscapes, discover the peaceful charm of the city of Sucre or the colonial heritage of Santa Cruz, get lost in the stalls of the Andean markets. Or fly over La Paz, a motley and surprising capital, by cable car. The jungle whispers promises of adventure while the Titicaca sparkles dazzling landscapes.


Bolivia is a country with a strong identity, let yourself be surprised.

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