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Culture and archeology



Meet the cloud warriors

Cloud warriors are waiting for you. The Chachapoyas have kept all their mystery with grandiose sites installed on headlands and bordered by a hilly jungle like the citadel of Kuélap, the sarcophagi of Karija or the mummies of Leymebemba. Nature is just as exceptional. In this temperate region you will kill two birds with one stone.



Between Chimu and Moche

Head for Trujillo, an elegant and colorful city where the temperatures are welcoming. Capital of Moshe and Chimu cultures, they offer unique archaeological sites such as the Chan Chan citadel which rises on the sand. The surrounding countryside also allows you to take advantage of these sites while taking a natural break.

Image de Eddie Kizka
Inca wonders


Unmissable, Machu Picchu and Cusco await you. Take the opportunity to spend a few days in the heart of the Sacred Valley, the Inca garden, and discover nearby archaeological or natural sites such as the salt terraces. Finish with the discovery of the historic gem that is the city of Cusco.



In the footsteps of America's oldest civilization

In the heart of a stone desert stand the oldest ruins of Peru, those of Caral. This destination near Lima is ideal for a short stay that combines discovery and relaxation in a lodge in the countryside.



Lima, land of artisans

Lima is also a land of asylum for many Peruvians from neighboring regions who have come to settle there. Discover the artisans of the Ayacucho region and their unique know-how during a visit to their workshops based on the exchange. The neighboring ruins of Pachacamac and their site museum will also be on the program.


Large Spaces

PER - Huaraz - grandes espacios.jpg

Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Breathe in the Cordillera Blanca

Enjoy a few days in the white mountain range. Sport or relaxation, trekking or swimming pool, you can choose the activities of your choice according to your desires.

Image de Sander Lenaerts
Dive into the Colca Canyon

Colca canyon, Peru

Gain altitude in a unique environment, in the heart of Andean terraces on the mountainside. Take the opportunity to relax in the warm waters of the pools carved into the rock.

Salute the condor on its majestic flight and meet alpacas and llamas.


Gocta, Peru

Let yourself be impressed by Gocta

Ahead, you will have one of the highest waterfalls in the world that makes its way through the jungle. We approach the waterfall without losing sight of it. Various hikes are possible in this temperate climate region.

The town itself has become a refuge to isolate oneself from the world and to connect with nature.



Glide through the jungle by canoe

Discover the floating marshes of Tingana in the San Martín region. Paddling in a canoe, we advance between the roots of the dancing trees, we observe small joking and sloth monkeys and many birds, all in absolute silence. The local community has revitalized this forest. Share a homemade meal and then continue your trip to Moyobamba or Tarapoto, a unique experience

Explore the secrets of the Amazon


Come play the explorer in the Amazon!

Spend a few days disconnected from the world in your wooden cabin in the middle of the jungle. You will be able to observe birds and monkeys in their natural habitat and perhaps you will even see alligators, jaguars, snakes, capybaras, etc. The program also includes the discovery of local plants and incredible sunsets.

Accessible for children.

PER Espaces sierra de lima.JPG


Change the scene in the Sierra de Lima

Enjoy a few days in the Cordillera Blanca. Sport or relaxation, trekking or swimming pool, you can choose the activities you want according to your wishes



Food Tour: the best of Peruvian cuisine

Lima Peru

Come and discover the bohemian district of the capital by browsing small gastro-secret addresses. Here we do not put small dishes in the big ones but we share and taste while exchanging and laughing. Push the door of restaurants or cafes, meet local people, and discover this district step by step thanks to the anecdotes of your guide. One thing is certain, you will end the adventure replete and probably a little contaminated of this love that Peruvians have for their popular cuisine.


Tarapoto, Peru

The coffee route in the Amazon

Let's discover the hilly jungle of Tarapoto, capital of coffee and cocoa. You will discover the plantations of small producers on the banks of the Huallaga river or the Alto Huayabamba.

Get out of your everyday life and share a few days with these families who work two of our favorite products in small rural villages. 100% authentic.

All about chocolate

Lima - Cusco - Pisac - Ollanta

Put on your apron, today you're getting your hands dirty. Not just any, but the made of a chocolate born from Peruvian cocoa.

Step by step you will discover how the fruit grows, how it is worked and you will elaborate your homemade chocolates.

Children from 5 years old are welcome, in a shorter and more dynamic version. Get ready to lick your lips!


Cusco, Peru

Coffee and chocolate on the edge of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is lurking in the bottom of a hilly jungle. How about reaching a different and authentic route to reach it?

The one of the small coffee and cocoa producers who receive you at their home. Sharing, landscapes and a hint of adventure are this way !

Top Chef: secrets of Peruvian cuisine

Lima Peru

Whether you are a beginner or a cordon bleu, quickly discover these cooking workshops given by professional chefs.

With friends, colleagues or family, you give us the duration and the objectives, we find you the course that will make you a chef! You can opt for a discovery of the emblematic grape brandy; taste and recognize the quality of the piscos in the company of an expert sommelier.

Luxury and unique experiences

PER luxe -qhispikay.JPG
A night of glamping


A unique experience in the sacred valley during one or a few nights in a cozy and comfortable tent!

An unusual stay with sporting or cultural activities organized with local communities. We offer 3 of these chic campsites close to essential archaeological ruins.


Two or three unique nights isolated on the shore of Lake Titicaca in total comfort. Go for a day exploring the islands of the lake, go mountain biking in the surroundings or try your hand at kayaking! Take advantage of the pure sky to observe the stars and learn about astronomy



Eye to eye in Titicaca
Cruise along the Amazon


Create your unforgettable and exclusive experience on the majestic Amazon River, a natural wonder of Peru and the world.

Embark on a luxury boat for a cruise of a few days to discover the fauna and flora of the Amazon; Pink dolphins, monkeys and the multitude along the river!



Luxury train in the heart of the Andes

Climb aboard a luxury train and cross the Andean highlands.

For 2 or 3 days, enjoy the landscapes and the luxury of an extraordinary train in which you will sleep and spend a moment out of time!



Relaxing at the edge of the jungle

The region of San Martin with its hilly mountains covered with forest and its amazing sunsets is a little hidden paradise.

Explore and relax for a break in a lodge with a swimming pool.

In the heart of the vineyards

Ica, Peru

A few nights of relaxation in the Peruvian vineyards!

Discover and taste the local production while relaxing by the pool and the vines as far as your eye can see.

Relaxation and exchanges


Sacred Valley, Peru

A hike with the llamas

Our hiking buddies?

The iconic Andean llamas with a strong character who gallop on the steep paths in the company of their breeders.

Come walk alongside them to discover pristine high altitude landscapes and understand a little better the rural communities that live on these heights.

Homestays in communities

Colca - Titicaca - Sacred Valley, Peru

At the edge of one of the deepest canyons in the world live rural communities proud of their tradition and open to welcome and exchange.

Spend a few days with these families, explore the surroundings with them, participate in their way of life.

A different and authentic experience.

Countryside by Lake Titicaca

Puno, Peru

Spend a few days in a barn, in the countryside near Lake Titicaca with horses but also llamas and vicuñas for neighbors.

Add to it a night and a unique adventure on the Uros floating islands among these ancient cultures. Draw unique memories at 3800 meters above sea level.


Sports and discoveries



Full of adrenaline

The Colca Canyon is the ideal scenario for a sporting holiday that combines mountain biking, horseback riding, treks or zipline.

Image de Francis Nie

Huaraz, Peru

Kayak in Titicaca

Discover Lake Titicaca by kayaking and paddling. Go from island to island and from community to community on this sporting and timeless adventure.


Huaraz, Peru

Surf and kitesurf

Enjoy the northern beaches and their faithful sunshine. Treat yourself to a surf or kite surf course to dominate the elements. Diving and watching humpback whales or sea turtles are other must-sees on the Peruvian north coast.



Huaraz, Peru

The highest peaks in Peru

The Cordillera Blanca brings together the highest peaks of the Peruvian Andes. For walkers the region offers many more or less demanding treks. The reward? Unique landscapes almost for you alone.

Salkantay Trek

Cusco, Peru

Conquer Machu Picchu thanks to a unique 4 or 5 day trek that begins in the heart of the Andes, runs along the the glaciers and ends in the hilly jungle.

A compendium of breathtaking landscapes, nights in a tent or in a lodge.


Cusco, Peru

Choquequirao Trek

If you dream of unique face-to-face with uncrowded ruins and love physical challenges, this trek is for you.

At the end of the path awaits you the majestic Choquequirao surrounded by pristine mountain ranges. Carry out this trek on foot or, accompanied by carriers for the vertical drop and, above all, save energy to enjoy the site.

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