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Choose our menu of experiences to design the trip that is right for you.

Unique, traditional or luxurious experiences, moments of contemplation, connection with nature, leisure or more sporting activities.

Thanks to the support of our local experts, you will design your getaways for a weekend or more ... If you prefer, you can discover our experiences depending on the destination.

Dream with our experiences

Discover our civilizations 

Pre-Columbian America is a country full of secrets and civilizations that existed long before the Incas. Chavín, Moché, Chachapoyas in Peru, Ciudad Perdida or Tierradentro in Colombia, Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Mapuche indian culture in Chile.

So many adventures to understand these ancient cultures. Why not follow in the footsteps of the Moais on Easter Island? And let's not forget the historic gems: cities like Cusco, Trujillo, Sucre, Quito and Cartagena. Rich experiences are waiting for you!

Grandes espacios

Disconnect - Nature XXL

Time out in the vastness of nature Larger than life nature, untouched and impressive landscapes between lagoons, high peaks, salt deserts, glaciers, rainforests, waterfalls and wild islands - our travel destinations are ideal for leaving stress behind and reconnecting with nature. These adventures are accessible to everyone and can be shared with riends or family at the pace that suits them best. You will be dazzled!


Experience new flavors along the way

How about trips that invite you to taste, experience and learn? The richness of our ecosystems enables a range of colors and flavors to be found in dishes throughout Latin America. Discover street food and markets, learn the secrets of the chefs, lend a hand, walk the paths of cocoa, coffee and pisco or visit locals to cook together ... Delicacies await you along the way!

Cultura y arqueologia
Lujo y experiencias unicas

Live exceptional moments

What if we sleep in a hanging capsule, a tree house, a hut to live and love being close to nature? What if we camp with style in the middle of extraordinary landscapes? How about a comfortable cocoon in the heart of the most beautiful cities? How about a unique trip on an old train? What if we choose our à la carte adventure of the day in the morning? Nothing is impossible!

Relajacion e intercambios

Let's take our time

relaxation and exchange Slowly, let's get there, breathe. Let's use timeless places for exchanges with communities or spontaneous walks. Enjoy the tranquility of a hacienda in the middle of the plateau or the lively afternoons of the Caribbean beaches. Take your time to come together, take a pause, let go ... let's create unforgettable moments!

Deporte y descubrimiento

Facing challenges

Pacific coast, Andes mountain range and Amazonian vastness, our multifaceted countries offer spaces of unique beauty. Discover them in the company of llamas, on horseback, by bike, in kayak or rafting. Let’s set off to conquer a volcano, fly over the waves in kite-surfing, over the mountains in a zipline or over the paragliding valleys… Strong sensations and emotions await you!"


Landscapes and culture on foot - Hikes to your measure

If you want to disconnect with your sneakers, it's here. Our countries contain some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, do not hesitate to discover it step by step, along famous or more confidential hikes. Our treks show their level of difficulty and the main challenges to be met. Want to walk with the family or take on a real sporting challenge, we have what you need.

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