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From Lima to Arequipa, along the Pacific
7 days / 6 nights

Lima - Paracas

Image de Ryder Damen

Day 1

It will follow the Pacific coast to Paracas. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a quiet evening by the sea. Discover the city of Paracas and its surroundings, which hide many vestiges of the civilization of the same name. Paracas is a charming little fishing port, located near the desert immensities of the Paracas National Reserve.

Paracas - Huacachina

Image de Shawn Appel

Day 2

This dynamic day will begin with a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands, a nature reserve that is home to hundreds of birds, penguins, and many sea lions. Then, you will discover the Paracas National Reserve by bus and you can have lunch at a local restaurant, the famous Ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice, a local specialty). Then, towards the oasis of Huacachina. This oasis is surrounded by a seemingly endless sea of dunes.

Image de Marco Topete

Day 3

Huacachina - Nazca

You can take advantage of the morning in Huacachina to climb to the top of the dunes. Then direction Nazca, this city belonging to the Ica region. Strange footprints are visible from the sky ... These footprints are attributed to the Nazcas, a people that had its heyday in the last centuries before the arrival of Europeans. The figures had been rendered invisible by the dust. They became visible again thanks to the work of Maria Reiche, who spent her entire life studying them. Free afternoon in the city. (If the weather permits, the flight over the lines will be possible that day).

Image de Megan Kotlus

Day 4

Nazca - Arequipa

If you want and depending on the weather, you can fly over the lines! If you wish, you can visit the Chauchillas cemetery. Located in the middle of nowhere, on the lunar soil of the Nazca region, it houses the tombs of the pre-Inca Icachincha culture, built with large terracotta bricks and designed to house 3 people each. The cemetery contains royal mummies, we walk among the bones, the remains of old fabrics, the funeral cords ... Then it will leave the Pacific coast forever. Direction Arequipa, at about 2300m of altitude. It is known as the White City.

Image de Diego Cabrera

Day 5


With your guide, you will begin your visit to the city discovering the "San Camilo" market and its stalls, each one more dazzling than the other. You will visit the Church of La Compania and its small colorful chapel, then pass the imposing Place des Armes. Then, in a very different style, you can visit the famous colonial Santa Catalina monastery. Here a specialist French-speaking guide of the place will ensure the visit.

Image de Peter Livesey

Day 6

Arequipa - Return

Depending on the schedule of your flight or bus, we will accompany you for the rest of your trip!

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