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From Machu Picchu to the Salar de Uyuni
6 days / 5 nights
Image de Adrian Dascal

Day 1

Transfer from your bus station to your hotel where you can rest a bit.

Image de Guido Avogadro

Day 2

Wilcacocha is a small lake located in the Cordillera Negra, it will delight you by meeting many locals along the way, but also by the impressive view that the Cordillera Blanca offers. This hike will perfectly fill half a day and is ideal for a gentle acclimatization to the Andean altitudes. This hike is considered easy because we did not pass the 4000 meter mark. But be careful, there are still 500 meters of unevenness to climb (3200-3700) so it is far from being flat.

Image de Adrian Dascal

Day 3


We leave for the north of Huaraz (3100 m), in a private vehicle, towards the town of Vaqueria (3650 m) where we will begin our walk through the Santa Cruz valley. To access the start of the Santa Cruz trek, we will pass through Lake Llanganuco where we can admire its turquoise waters. We will also go by car to the port of Portachuelo de Llanganuco at 4767m. We will start our first day of hiking around noon. During this warm-up, you can admire Mount Garcilaso and get acquainted with your guide and the rest of his supervision. It will also be possible for you to be in contact with the inhabitants of the community of this valley.

Image de Eddy Velazco

Day 4

Paria - Taullipampa

After breakfast, we will begin our 6-hour (11 km) hike to the Taullipampa camp. We will climb to the highest pass of this hike, Punta Unión (4750m). Our reward will be the magnificent view that is offered over the snow-capped mountains that are on this road: Artesonraju (the mountain of "Paramount Pictures"), Quitaraju, Taulliraju, Alpamayo, Pucajirca, Rinrijirca, Caraz, Aguja. On the way, we will discover the flower called "Rima rima", which local belief says helps people who cannot pronounce the R in Spanish. After having immortalized these landscapes in photos, we will descend through the valley, to the Taullipampa camp for a well-deserved rest at an altitude of 4200m.


Day 5

Taullipampa - Llamacorral

That day we will start our 6 hour walk (10 km). We will pass through the two lakes "Jatun cocha", surrounded by trees called "queñual", then "Ichic cocha". We will also observe deer ducks and Andean gulls known as "huacha". During this day of hiking, we will have a magnificent view of Mount Taurlliraju. Upon reaching the Quisuar crossing, we will go up to the Alpamayo base camp, then we will walk to the Harhuaycocha lagoon. Then we will have a view of the Quitaraju and the Pucajirca. Then we will descend to Quisuar and then to the Llamacorral camp, in the middle of wooded plants such as "Tarhui".


Day 6

Llamacorral - Cashapampa

During this day we will observe typical flowers of the region such as the "devil's shoes" (the devil's shoes), the machito (the male), the "gallo's feet" (crow's feet), as well as the Yanapaccha waterfall, resulting from the thaw of the summit of the same name. This will be our last day and the arrival at the town of Cashapampa will mark the end of the trek. A vehicle will be waiting for us to take us back to Huaraz where you will meet your hotel.

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