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On the edge of Titicaca
2 days / 1 night


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Discovering the community

Capachica is a peninsula that borders Lake Titicaca, the highest in the world at 3800 meters. Here life is hard but the colors, the landscapes and the encounters have an added flavor. In Capachica there are Quechua peasant communities that open their doors to the traveler.

Capachica is easily accessible by road, so you will arrive in Llachón in a private vehicle accompanied by a local English-speaking guide who will be the link between you and your hosts. You will first meet the family in the community where you will be spending the night. Llachón's houses are rustic, most of them made of adobe. The guest bedrooms are built next to the main house, with a separate bathroom. Meals are taken in the lounge built for guests. Sometimes you will be invited to come to the kitchen to help prepare the food.

Another popular activity in the place is the traditional game of volleyball just before sunset. But be careful here, these are professionals who, despite the skirts and long braids of Inca princesses, have a firm and secure hand. By tradition and modesty, the inhabitants of Titicaca are reserved. Therefore, we must progress slowly, allow time for silence and observation to understand and share their daily life little by little. Your guide will also help you generate trade. The time here is also that of contemplation and letting go. These are fleeting moments that we simply capture and share.

Night in the same place

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Lake Titicaca

For the most early risers and athletes, the unmissable moment is to surprise the shimmering Titicaca with the first lights of the morning. Your guide can take you on a hike to a lookout point overlooking the lake.

Back in his family and, depending on his usual activities, he can share an agricultural or fishing activity or observe the crafts of the women in the place. They will probably also offer you a traditional outfit for a photo souvenir. Beyond the game, it is also a way of showing respect for those traditional outfits that are still worn by the locals and who often enjoy watching you slip into this ancient identity. Once again, you will have lunch "at home" before saying goodbye to the family and returning, this time by boat navigating the Titicaca.

This navigation is done in a private boat, always in the company of your French-speaking guide. This is the opportunity to unravel new mysteries about the lake at the origin of Inca history. You will also stop at the floating reed islands. They are numerous along the lake, some a little more remote and less visited still allow you to understand a little of this unique way of life. This is where you will take a break to appreciate these islets. Finally you will arrive at the port of Puno, the most populated city on the lake. You can visit for example "La casa del corregidor", the first center of solidarity economy in Peru. At night you can choose to dine in one of the restaurants of the hotels that hug the lake or enjoy a folkloric dinner rich in dances and songs typical of the region.

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