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Image de John Portella

Huaraz, Peru

Cordillera Blanca -Huaraz

Enjoy a few days in the white mountain range. Sport or relaxation, trekking or swimming pool, you can choose the activities of your choice according to your desires.

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Colca Canyon

Gain altitude in a unique environment, in the heart of Andean terraces on the mountainside. Take the opportunity to relax in the warm waters of the pools carved into the rock. Salute the condor on its majestic flight and meet alpacas and llamas.



In front of you, one of the highest falls in the world makes its way through the jungle. We approach it without losing sight of it Several hikes are possible in this region with a temperate climate. The village itself has become a refuge to cut off from the world and connect with nature.



Discover the floating bogs of Tingana in the region of San Martin. We sneak aboard a canoe rowing between the roots of the dancing trees, we observe little joking monkeys, sloths and many birds, in absolute silence. The local community has revived this forest. Share a homemade meal then set off again for Moyobamba or Tarapoto, rich in a unique parenthesis.



Come and play the explorer in the Amazon! A few days cut off from the world in your wooden cabin in the jungle. You will be able to observe birds and monkeys in their natural habitat and perhaps even caimans, jaguars, snakes, capibaras etc ... On the program also the discovery of local plants and incredible sunsets. Accessible to children.

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Sierra de Lima

A few hours from Lima, immerse yourself in another world lurking in the foothills of the Andes. Majestic mountains, crystalline lagoons, fresh air: a total change of scenery for a three-day space trip.


Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Jungle adventure

This adventure takes you to Rurrenabaque, in the Amazon region of Bolibvias. You will visit Madidi National Park. You will walk through the rainforest and visit a local community. Plus, you'll head to the vast region of Beni Pampas, where you'll explore the region's lower reaches by boat and spend nights in eco-lodges along the rivers.

BOL Espaces-Uyuni (2).jpg

Titicaca Lake & Uyuni

Highland Landscapes and Cultures of Bolivia is a unique journey that shares some of the most spectacular landscapes of the Central Andes. As you travel from the sprawling twin cities of La Paz and El Alto to sacred Lake Titicaca and the great Uyuni Salt Flats, you'll gain an understand of the incredible natural and cultural diversity of Bolivia.

BOLIVIA - Toro Toro. (2).JPG

Torotoro Andean Geopark

Visit an area of ​​geological wonders and follow in the footsteps of hundreds of dinosaurs on our expedition to Toro - Toroi National Park. If you enjoy outdoor activities and are ready to enter caves, while exploring urban areas, this tour is for you!


Ushuaia, Argentina

A visit to the End of the World

This 4-day travel module Ushuaia offers you unforgettable moments in the Tierra del Fuego National Park, as well as the possibility of many other excursions - such as a visit to the Penguin Island or a trip on the Beagle Channel to personalize your trip. In direct contact with the flora and fauna you can enjoy unique adventures at the end of the world in South America! Best travel time: October - April. But Ushuaia also has a lot to offer in winter - ask us about offers for the snow season!

Image de Julia Caesar

Iguazu waterfalls

Discover the Iguazú waterfalls, one of the most impressive natural spectacles in South America and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Ushuaia, Argentina

Image de Julia Caesar

Iguazu waterfalls

Discover the Iguazú waterfalls, one of the most impressive natural spectacles in South America and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Ushuaia, Argentina


Whale watching in Patagonia

Our destination is Carlos III Island, located in a remote area within the Francisco Coloane Marine Park for the sighting of Humpback whales. This incredible program includes hotel pickup, transportation, meals throughout the trip, accommodation at the eco camp on Carlos III Island, scientific talks, navigations and return to Punta Arenas.

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San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The desert as a family

We have developed this new tour in the Atacama Desert for families who love being active, go hiking during the day and rest comfortable at night. You’ll hike among astonishing landscapes surrounded by volcanoes and secret paths between valleys, salt flats, gorges, in addition to learning about Atacama history, culture, archaeology, and its native flora and fauna.


Peninsula Valdes, Chile

Fauna Observation

Charming and unique natural worlds await you in the small south of Chile. The still preserved natural forests with the araucarias in the pre-Cordillera of the Andes, which are famous for the zone, can be experienced in a very special place, on Fundo Laguna Blanca. You can now get to know this magical place in a valley between the volcanoes Tolhuaca and Lonquimay intensively. Experience ancient forests, alpine meadows, mountain lakes and volcanic landscapes on horseback with all your senses. It's a unique experience.


Torres del Paine, Chile

W-Trek National park

The W Trek is without a doubt Patagonia's most famous trail, Torres del Paine National Park. This non-technical guided hike combines a selection of Patagonia's best highlights: the tower base viewpoint, the French Valley, and the Gray Glacier. Travel through pristine landscapes, rivers, lakes and rocky peaks, and take the opportunity to hike on the ice or kayak on Gray Lake.

Image de O'car Johann Campos

Southern Highway

Experience the highlights in the Carretera Austral! During your trip you will get to know the special places like Caleta Torte, Rio Baker and the marble caves. The imposing landscapes will be imprinted in your memories like a photo.

CUB - Cultura y arqueología - Cuba Clsic

Classic Cuba

Cuba Clásico proposes to discover Cuba through its natural and cultural heritage, visiting landscapes and cities declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Cuba Clásico is a journey to discover, experience and learn a unique culture, participate in activities that will immerse you in the traditions of a country with an incredible history and future. Accommodation in private homes will allow you to join the rhythm of Cuban life while enjoying the comfort and privacy of international hotel standards. Finally, Cuba Clásico proposes you to let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of the island and enjoy its tropical beaches.

CUB - Cultura y arqueología - Cuba Clási

Viñales in another way

Registered as a UNESCO cultural site, the Viñales Valley stands out for the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems, the practice of manual agriculture and the typical music of the valley. A walk along the trails in the middle of cigars fields and mogotes (rounded mountain formation that characterizes the valley), allows an intimate discovery of life in the countryside by offering the possibility of knowing the cultivation process and the production of Cuban cigar, recognized as the best in the world.

CUB - Cultura y Arqueologia - Gibara Aut

Gibara, Cuba

A shade of green

Founded in 1817, the city offers an incredible view of the sea and the horizon. Once a Spanish bastion, Gibara has several fortresses of the time, although some have not resisted the passage of hurricanes. It is the second fortified city after Santiago de Cuba and is known for the breeding and trade of fish, now it turns towards ecotourism, offering many walks, hikes and explorations of its caves.

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