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In the heart of the Amazon
4 days / 3 nights


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Short Maltese

Arrival in Puerto Maldonado. Boarding at Puerto Capitanía in the direction of your Corto Maltés Amazonía Lodge: a 40-minute sailing trip on the Madre de Dios River.

Arrival at the facilities where you will be received with a welcome cocktail (homemade fruit juice). Lunch followed by a rest period until the first excursion. Accompanied by your guide, he will introduce you to tropical trees, medicinal plants and other natural wonders in the 60 ha lands of Corto Maltes Amazonia.

You will visit a rubber pickers camp, one of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region. This reproduces a real camp where you can see the traditional process of collecting rubber (latex).

Back at the Lodge you can relax in the facilities. Before dinner there will be an overnight boat trip for an "alligator safari". Hopefully, you will also be able to see other animals that inhabit the banks of the river.

Full board

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Short Maltese

Depart early this morning on an excursion. You will sail for about 20 minutes on the Madre de Dios River and arrive at the Sandoval Lake embarkation.

On the 3 km walk through the lush vegetation of the rain forest that follows, we will enter the territory of the Tambopata National Reserve. You will be able to admire giant trees, snakes, monkeys (squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys and capuchin monkeys) as well as birds (in particular hoazin, kingfishers and snake birds).

Once at Lake Sandoval, we will sail in small rowboats in search of giant otters. You will also be able to observe alligators, piranhas and a great variety of birds. Breakfast in the heart of nature and then return to the river. Optional: Monkey Island After lunch, you will visit the tower and the chestnut camp. We will visit one of the two towers of Corto Maltes Amazonia. One of them is 20 meters and the other 42 meters high. Both were designed to observe birds and other species from the canopy. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset.

You will visit a chestnut tree camp. The world famous Brazil nut (or Brazil nut) is one of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region.

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Short Maltese


After breakfast, you will leave for Chacra. This place belongs to a typical family from the rural area, which grows fruits and vegetables from the area naturally, without the use of chemicals, and then offers them for consumption in the main market of Puerto Maldonado. Thus we will have the opportunity to recognize, even taste different tropical fruits of the season and other indigenous products (cocoa, banana, cocona, breadfruit, noni, cassava, lime, ...). After the visit we will take the boat and after 20 minutes we will arrive at the land of the Machiguenga native family.

Visit of a native family of the Machiguenga ethnic group. It is one of the many ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon basin. They will show us some of the cultural values of their ancestors, their language and customs, their clothing, the art of hunting, crafts and the music that is played during the Ayahuasca ceremony. We will learn how they take advantage of natural products to make tools, their houses, clothes and jewelry, all these important things in their daily life. After lunch of the typical "native jungle" dish, you will return to the lodge where you will have free time, followed by dinner.

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Short Maltese

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Parrot clay lick: After having a coffee or tea, we will start a short walk of about 20 minutes that will lead us to the Collpa, where you can see 3 to 5 species of parrots, which come to eat a particular clay. found in certain areas of this region, essential for the regulation of its metabolism. A truly wonderful and surprising colorful spectacle.

After breakfast, transfer by boat to the town of Puerto Maldonado. One of our vehicles will be waiting for you.

After a short stop at our office, we will go to the local market for a short visit (+/- 20 minutes). On this occasion, you will be able to appreciate the various local products. Then we will continue our way to the airport to register their respective flights

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