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Culture and archeology

CUB - Cultura y Arqueologia - Santa Clar

Santa Clara, Cuba

On the land of Che

It was Che, by order of Fidel Castro, who was in charge of taking Santa Clara from Batista's hands and thus giving the final blow to his government at the time of the Revolution at the end of 1958. The most solemn moment of the itinerary is the Visit the impressive Mausoleum of Che, before ending the visit with a panoramic tour of the city through the emblematic squares.

CUB - Cultura y Arqueología - Camagüey P

Camaguey, Cuba

Colors and churches

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Camagüey is known for its typical Tinajones; large jars to keep the water fresh about which there are many legends. After Havana, Camagüey is the second most culturally important city. Surrounded by 12 churches, Camagüey preserves the traditions of Spanish colonization more than other cities.

CUB - Cultura y Arqueología - Cienfuegos
An hispanic gem by the sea

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Founded by the French in the early 19th century. In the city of Cienfuegos you can feel a beach atmosphere even though the sea is distant from the city. It is a city turned towards the sea: Punta Gorda, protected by Unesco. For nature lovers, you can see one of the main migratory bird reserves in Cuba.

Large spaces

CUB - Cultura y Arqueologia - Gibara Aut

Gibara, Cuba

A shade of green

Founded in 1817, the city offers an incredible view of the sea and the horizon. Once a Spanish bastion, Gibara has several fortresses of the time, although some have not withstood the passage of hurricanes. It is the second fortified city after Santiago de Cuba and is known for the breeding and trade of fish, now it turns towards ecotourism, offering many walks, hikes and explorations of its caves.

CUB - Cultura y arqueología - Cuba Clsic


Vibrate to the rhythm of Cuba

Discover Cuba through its natural and cultural heritage, visiting landscapes and cities declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Classic Cuba is a journey to discover, experience and learn a unique culture, participate in activities that will immerse you in the traditions of a country with an incredible history and future.

Finally, Cuba Clásico proposes you to let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of the island and enjoy its tropical beaches.

CUB - Cultura y arqueología - Holguín Pa

Holguin, Cuba

In the footsteps of Columbus

The city of Holguín is the third most influential city in Cuba. It owes its expansion to the maritime trade that made the port of Gibara famous in the 19th century. It was on its shores that Christopher Columbus first landed in America.

You can still find some vestiges of the indigenous Taínos, an Arawak people who occupied the Caribbean at that time. Known today as the city of parks, Holguín is the gateway to the East of Cuba, the other half of the island: mountainous, warm and musical.


CUB - Gastronomie - Nature et Épicure1.j


Nature & Epicure

Cuba is a multifaceted Caribbean island but also a true Latin American country. With lush vegetation and a preserved wildlife, the island is a great destination to be in contact with nature. Over the centuries, its inhabitants have not stopped reinventing gastronomy using the products at their disposal. Discover through this circuit the sophisticated alliance between nature, culture and pleasure.

CUB - Gastronomie - Nature et Épicure10

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, the other capital

Cradle of Cuban music and the Revolution, Santiago de Cuba was the first capital of the country. with a vast history for being the last place where slavery was practiced in the Caribbean and for being at the origin of rum: its elaboration and the art of tasting it. During the last centuries, it has witnessed all the intellectual and political controversies that formed the basis of the Cuban nation.


Viñales Valley, Cuba

Discover the tobacco fields

Registered as a UNESCO cultural site, the Viñales Valley stands out for the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems, the practice of manual agriculture and the typical music of the valley.

A walk along the trails in the middle of cigars fields and mogotes (rounded mountain formation that characterizes the valley), allows an intimate discovery of life in the countryside by offering the possibility of knowing the cultivation process and the production of Cuban cigar, recognized as the best in the world.

Luxury and unique experiences

CUB - Experiencias de Lujo y Únicas - Vo


Honeymoon in Cuba

Cuba, the island of lovers? For sure! ... for the magic of its passionate atmosphere, the beauty of its beaches and the tropical heat.

Enjoy 10 days under the island sun on the trip of a lifetime. Dance, culture, nature: these are the ingredients for an unforgettable trip.

Live the experience of this dream trip.

CUB - Experiencias de lujo y unicas - Cr


The Caribbean by catamaran

We will sail the Caribbean Sea for days, occasionally crossing some lobster collectors, happy to exchange a few specimens for a bottle of rum. We will cross desert keys surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand.

So many unspoiled places that invite you to go kayaking or diving to discover the wildlife of the Caribbean in a perfectly preserved coral forest.

CUB - Relajación e intercambios - Détent


Parenthesis at Club Habana

Formerly known as Baltimore Yachting-Club, Club Habana was the most exclusive place in the capital in the 1950s, the glory years of the pearl of the Caribbean. It has always been reserved for its members, most of whom are now foreigners residing in Cuba. In this Club you will find the only white sand beach in the heart of the city.

It is the ideal place to enjoy the beach and its facilities, without leaving Havana.


Relaxation and exchanges

CUB - Experiencias de Lujo y Únicas - Vo


Coconut trees and white sand

About thirty kilometers away, the beaches east of Havana receive crowds of Cubans fleeing the summer heat. A popular atmosphere guaranteed all year round on large stretches of white sand. Street vendors or nearby cafes regularly offer something to eat on the beach.

CUB - Cultura y Arqueologia - La Havane

Havana Cuba

The 1000 faces of Havana

Havana, charismatic and bustling, the capital of all Cubans, destabilizes us, plays with our western habits and shows surprising lifestyles. In the "old American style", to the rhythm of the skyscrapers of the 50s, The Vedado is projected, a neighborhood that wanted to be New York, changing its face within the popular neighborhood of Centro Habana in the heart of the capital. The Malecón, along a promenade, leads to the entrance to the bay, guarded by the fortresses of the Morro lighthouse, La Punta and La Real Fuerza.

CUB - Relajación e intercambios - Pirate


Pirates of the Caribbean

Famous for the Bay of Pigs attack but also for the old pirate attacks. Playa Girón owes its name to a French pirate, Gilbert Girón, who once gave this area a dangerous reputation. In this place, from an isolated beach, Girón organized each of his attacks. The slightly modified story takes the children, little adventurers, in the footsteps of the pirate ...


Sports and discoveries

CUB - Deportes y Descubrimientos - L'oue
The west by mountain bike


An all-terrain bike getaway to the west of Cuba for a trained public because there are different routes with narrow tracks. You can see a vegetation classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and discover local communities. We offer travelers a stay full of authenticity, with accommodation in private homes and rural hotels.

CUB - Deportes y descubrimiento - La côt
The Caribbean coast by bike


An all-terrain bike getaway in Cuba, combining mountain biking with the discovery of its natural and cultural heritage. Enjoy a variety of tours along the Caribbean coast using technical mountain trails with an emphasis on landscape contemplation. We offer travelers a stay full of authenticity, staying in tents and private homes.

CUB - Relajación e intercambios - Pirate
Diving in Varadero

Varadero, Cuba

Cuba is one of the diving paradises in the world with the third largest barrier reef in the world. The little frequentation and the immensity of virgin territories make it a perfectly preserved area.

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